10 Useful Herbal Remedies

by Karen Brooks on April 5, 2010



Are you interested in learning more about herbal remedies? Or becoming a practitioner? Here are ten of the most useful remedies.

Parts used: the herb in the form of a poultice or liquid extract
Uses (1) useful for dealing with sciatica and general aching joints
(2) good on inflamed areas (poultice)

Parts used: the crushed seed
Uses: (1) helps with diarrhea
(2) good for headaches
(3) useful for dealing with lumbago and rheumatism

Parts used: the dried flowers and leaves in the form of a syrup or decoction
Uses: (1) laxative
(2) helps with asthma

Parts used: the herb in the form of an infusion, powder, syrup, juice or tea
Uses: (1) helps with coughs and asthma
(2) tonic
(3) good for colds (tea)

Parts used: the root in the form of a fluid extract, syrup, juice or infusion
Uses: (1) diuretic
(2) helps clear lung and urinary infections
(3) good for gout and rheumatism
Warning: over-use of this remedy can cause blistering of the skin. It is not suitable for people with thyroid problems

Hound’s tongue
Parts used: herb in the form of a decoction, ointment or pills
Uses: (1) eases pain
(2) good for colds and coughs
(3) useful in preventing diarrhea

Parts used: the leaves in their natural form (fresh but bruised), as a juice or a poultice
Uses: (1) cure for corns and warts (juice)
(2) useful for burns and scalds (poultice)

Jacob’s ladder
Parts used: the herb in the form of an infusion
Uses: (1) expectorant (removes fluid from bronchi etc.)
(2) helps with fevers

Knapweed, Greater
Parts used: the root and seeds in the form of a decoction or ointment
Uses: (1) tonic
(2) good for catarrh
(3) helps with bruises and sores (ointment)

Kola nuts
Parts used: the seeds in the form of a tincture, powder, solid/fluid extract
Uses: (1) tonic
(2) helps with diarrhea
(3) useful for those who are alcohol dependent

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