3 Major Reasons to Avoid Alcohol

by Karen Brooks on September 8, 2010


Alcoholism can be very dangerous to your health. Have you been taking alcoholic drinks too much? Well if you do, you should read this article. This article provides you with three major reasons to avoid it:

  1. It affects your behavior – Alcohol of all types can surely affect the behavior of an individual. The only thing is that it depends upon the volume of alcohol ingested. Normally a mild drinker may experience feelings of mild euphoria, relaxed, talkative and joyous. In this case, the individual is still conscious and there seems to be no signs of negative changes. For the individual who drinks moderately, he or she may experience loss of control, judgment alteration, mood change from positive to negative, and loss of fine motor coordination. For those who are heavy drinkers, blackout or complete memory loss will most likely occur along with all those negative effects it can give.
  2. It can interfere with nutrient absorption – Nutrients are essential to your body because it provides energy and helps in maintaining body functions. For alcoholics, having essential supply of nutrients are less likely to be achieved. Not only they eat poorly, but also, it impairs nutrient absorption to their bodies. Too much alcohol in the body will damage the lining of the stomach and intestines which disabled the transportation of nutrients to the different parts of the body. Aside from that, even if some of the nutrients are absorbed, alcohol still can prevent it from being utilized. As a result, most of the alcoholics are sick and malnourished.
  3. It affects fertility – Excessive alcohol intake affects fertility of both men and women. Alcohol can cause major damage to the major organs of the body and one of those is the liver. In men, once the liver functions abnormally, there is a possibility that the estrogen level may rise. Because of this, sperm production may be interfered. Aside from that, alcohol is a toxin and it may kill the sperm cells that can lead to infertility. In women, large volumes of alcohol consumption may lead to ovulatory dysfunctions. Alcohol is a teratogenic substance that can alter the fetal growth and development which may lead to defective fetus or worse, abortion.

Excessive alcohol intake can ruin your life in so many ways. Consider these three major reasons on why there is a need to stop and limit it. Live well and save your life.

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