All Things Are Possible If You Believe!

by Karen Brooks on January 26, 2012

If you are like me, you have a quite a to-do-list and not enough of hours in the day to get everything done! With the pressures of business, family, and daily life, we need to accomplish more, and sometimes run out of energy and the focus.

Do you find that you are becoming more task oriented vs. strategic goals focused?  Everyone typically sets goals at the beginning of the New Year. How many are you actively pursuing? Has your motivation already taken a dive? This doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome the resistance, stress, or lack of energy that is causing you to stop short of the desires or dreams.

We can all use some easy steps to follow in our path of personal development, growth, and goal attainment. Try some of my favorite techniques to see if they make a difference in your life.

1.  Speak positive words to yourself and others. One of my favorite phrases is “I am glad to be here today!” Think thoughts of gratitude and appreciation for what you have and where you are in your journey right now. Repeat this throughout the day and to others. Watch the reaction of others. I have found an automatic smile or alertness happens immediately.

2.  Use essential oils to get you into the correct vibration frequency.  Some of my favorites include:

a. Envision Apply to your forehead. Speak very specific intentions or actions. Attaining your goals is much easier if you know where you are going.
b. Highest Potential Rub a drop or two over your heart. Write down and read this affirmation aloud: “I will focus on my future and achieve my highest potential.”
c.  Valor Put a few drops on the top of your hair. (Don’t worry, it won’t ruin your hairdo.) Valor also gives me the confidence I need to present my point of view. It really helps ground me and allows me to stay focused on the task at hand.

3.  Believe! All things are possible if you only believe. Have faith in yourself and others. Never give up hope. Stay positive and keep pushing forward.

These small steps, if done on a regular, consistent basis will be the catalysts to making big changes in your life as well as those lives you touch. I dare to share what you have done in the form below.

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