Celebrate Summer with Four Sunny Citrus Oils!

by Karen Brooks on August 9, 2012

Love the summer sun and delight in the smell of fresh fruit? Keep the smells of summer alive inside of your home now and year round.  Try some of these Young Living Citrus Essential Oils, and see the difference they will make in your life.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a great complement to any healthy diet plan, and this delicious fruit’s refreshing essential oil can help take your weight-management efforts to the next level. A key ingredient in our new Slique™ blend, grapefruit has an uplifting scent that has been shown to help create feelings of satiety, boost metabolism, and cleanse the body.

Lemon: Cleanse your home’s surfaces with lemon essential oil, one of the most powerful cleaning agents nature has to offer! Lemon also leaves a pleasant scent that may help alleviate occasional feelings of sadness and improve cognition.

Orange: Because of its ability to help support the body’s normal cellular repair processes, orange essential oil makes a complexion-brightening addition to any skin-care regimen, while its uplifting scent may aid in relaxation and help lift occasional feelings of unhappiness.

Tangerine: Not only does tangerine essential oil impart a delightful citrus flavor to food and drink, but it has also traditionally been used to help maintain a healthy digestive system. This d-limonene-rich oil is also helpful, like other citrus essential oils, in creating an environment of wellness, relaxation, and joy.

Do you have a favorite use for essential oils? Please share your insights with us below.

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MarVeena August 12, 2012 at 10:10 pm

I love lemon! Yum, one of my fav fragrances. It is funny how some fragrances just seem to make you happy!
Thanks for sharing!


antonita August 10, 2012 at 12:12 am

Hi Karen..
Very useful tips on skin care in hot weather..Lemon and Orange contains high citrus content which is Vitamin C gives glow to the skin..Thank you for sharing your tips through this wonderful post..


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