Chinese Thoughts on Chewing Your Food

by Karen Brooks on June 6, 2011

Being a follower of natural health, I learned to have a great respect for Chinese medicine. I recently read an article on how the Chinese view food as part of the holistic medicinal plan.

Did you know that chewing your food activates physiological reactions in your body? When you start paying attention to the process, you will be amazed at how much better food tastes, and how much easier it is to digest.

Here are 5 beliefs about chewing your food:

1.  Smooth Digestion – Did you realize that the digestion process starts when we begin to eat? Our digestive enzymes are contained in our saliva, and it prepares our digestive tract. Chewing starts the digestion preparation in the body, and is the basis for a healthy start!

2. Better Absorption – If you chew your food well, you are assisting in the extraction of nutrients and energy. Grains and carbohydrates are transformed into sugars for our bodies energy. All of the proteins, mineral, and vitamins are being prepared for absorption. Did you know that digestion problems can be the root cause for diabetes, obesity, and other health ailments? Good nutritional value starts with your saliva and thoroughly chewed food!

3. Your Nerves are Calmer – Equate chewing to mediation. Chewing slowly can be very relaxing and heighten your sense of awareness. If you feel stressed during the day, start chewing your food more slowly at mealtimes. Close your eyes and savor the experience. Just imagine that chocolate cake and relish every mouthful!! Now that’s not hard to do.

4. Your Taste for Food Will Come Alive – Chewing more slowly lets the taste linger and sink in. You will be more relaxed and able to savor every aroma and taste that food has to offer.

5. Strengthened Immune System – Chewing well helps your body breaks down toxins right away. Your blood becomes alkaline and helps boost your circulation. Increased circulation helps to strengthen your immune system.

So how many times should I chew my food? Every bite should ber between 30 and 50 times. The first time that I heard this, I said impossible! Do me a favor and try it! A quick tip would be to put down your fork or spoon while chewing. It really helps.

Make this a habit. Savor each bite, and start enjoying your food!

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Tee August 12, 2012 at 6:58 am

Hi Karen,

Muslims are taught to follow the ways of their Holy Prophet (PBUH) and one of the things that they are taught is that each mouthful food should be chewed about 40 times and this was over 1400 years ago :o)


OLga Hermans June 9, 2011 at 1:48 pm

I find myself chewing on food much more when I really like it and enjoy the seasonings, but Oh no, when it is just one of those “normal” dishes, I find myself almost just swallow it… Good points though!!
OLga Hermans recently posted..How Do You Know You Are Ready for Marriage


Sherrie Koretke June 7, 2011 at 10:29 pm

This is so important. Thank you so much for the reminder, Karen!
Sherrie Koretke recently posted..A Joyful Spark of Wisdom


Fay Christine McLean June 6, 2011 at 11:05 pm

Thank you Karen for the reminder to slow down and enjoy every mouthful we take. It’s easy to hurry and rush in our busy lives so this is a terrific reminder.


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