Your Choice – Problem or Possibility?

by Karen Brooks on April 16, 2012

Life is hard. Unexpected things happen that derail our carefully laid out plans. It’s not your fault that life is difficult. It is however, your responsibility to deal with the problems, or are they really possibilities?

Think about it. You can spend your time complaining, or you can take the very thing that has caused you the problem, and reframe it into a possibility to better the situation.

Let’s take a health emergency. Most of the time it can be a warning sign for a need lifestyle change.  If the course correction is made, chances are your life will become more rewarding and gratifying that ever thought!

As many problems and setbacks that there are,  there are even more possibilities. It is a total manner of your perspective. Don’t make excuses.  Make a difference in your life and in the lives of others. Think outside the box, look at the situation with a different set of eyes. How can this be worked out for a better outcome?

Think about what would make your life better. Take those problems and make them possibilities!

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