Cutting Edge Research on Green Coffee Extract

by Karen Brooks on April 23, 2012

A recent article from Nutraceuticals International Group stated that Chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol found in Green Coffee Bean, is important in plant metabolism which seems to have the same effect on humans.  It has been reported to slow down the release of glucose from the liver into the blood. When glycogenolysis slows down, the body uses fat cells for energy instead of sugar. According to the studies, the suggested dose is at least 140mg per day.  Chlorogenic acid has also been said to significantly lower blood pressure in recent studies.

Dr. Mehmet Oz says, “Green Coffee Bean extract is an effective antihypertensive supplement for individuals who are currently taking medication for high blood pressure and are looking for a natural alternative.”

LA Times Magazine recently reported that Green Coffee Beans show potential for losing weight. “In a limited trial, 16 overweight young adults taking various doses of Green Coffee Bean extract lose an average of 17.5 pounds and 16% in body fat in 22 weeks.

You can view the studies for Green Coffee Extract at the links below:


Nature has given us all of the resources that we need to live a happy, healthy, and vibrant life. We are just beginning to understand its potential!!

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