Is Your Ego Lying to You?

by Karen Brooks on November 12, 2012

Everyone has an ego. Does it tell you that you aren’t good enough? Not loved? Not worthy? As a result of this constant self talk, many people have an issue with their self worth. You begin believing the lie.

How many times have you measured yourself against others? That little voice inside your head compares you against them. Have you ever seen yourself in others?  When you like someone, you see the parts of yourself that you are happy with. Same thing occurs when you dislike someone.  You see parts of yourself that you don’t like.

It is so easy to find fault with others. Are you hiding the parts of “yourself” that you don’t like?  So, how can we stop this cycle?   Look for the good in others as well as yourself. Stop the criticism. Are you making yourself feel better at the expense of someone else?

Start catching people in the act of doing something good. Acknowledge them for what they are doing right. When we compliment someone, we make them feel good. Have you noticed you feel good in this process as well?

How well do you acknowledging people for who they are? I think  most people appreciate the acts or kindness or tasks that others do for them.  Saying thanks is a good indicator of appreciation.  I want to thank you for helping me cut the grass. Thank you for opening the door for me.

When we start to acknowledge others, lives begin to change.  An example of acknowledging someone would be, I want to acknowledge you for the commitment you have in working with orphan children and helping them feel loved. Self esteem begins to rise in others as well as in yourself.

Starting today, look for ways to acknowledge others. Stop the criticism and ego lies. Make a difference in others as well as yourself.

Let me know how you have acknowledged someone. I would love go hear your thoughts below.

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