Emotional Healing with Essential Oils

by Karen Brooks on October 1, 2012

We all realize the value of using therapeutic grade essential oils to aid in physical healing.

The potency of these oils can include anti bacterial to anti viral properties. Essential oils can aid the body by helping to fight invading micro-organisms, purifying various body systems as well as increasing the bodies vibrational levels.

What many people are unaware of, is the emotional healing they can provide. When the vibrational levels of the body are raised, the lower energies (surprised emotions) become unnatural and need to be released. When the body is balanced, emotions such as anger, sadness, judgement and grief release. Your body wants to exist in harmony.

Have you heard the saying that at times, you need to go back before you can move forward? When healing with oils, you may feel that your emotions are getting worse, when in reality, the oils are working. The effects that will be felt help to permanently heal emotional issues.

We live in the give me a pill to make me feel better now generation. Sometimes we forget that healing is a process.  By letting go of the negative emotions, we allow our minds and bodies to release then replace those feelings with positive thoughts and emotions.

Keep in mind that essential oils assist in the release of our emotions. They help to prepare the body and mind in taking a look within. Use them in combination with emotional work and they will make the process much easier.

Over the course of the next few articles, I will be highlighting various oils and the emotions they can assist in releasing.

Are you using essential oils now? Please share your experiences with us below.

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