Emotions and Disease

by Karen Brooks on September 27, 2012

There have been countless examples in my life, where I have seen someone in extremely stressful or emotional situations for prolonged periods of time.  It seems as if their emotions have led to major illness and disease.

Studies have shown that negative emotions have a slower vibration that positive emotions. They can increase the amount of acid in your body.  Acid has been known to break down the cells, allowing disease to enter.  Your body becomes weaker and your immune system becomes compromised.  Fighting off illness becomes much more difficult.

Having emotions is normal. You can have positive experiences or negative ones. Traumatic experiences can produce long lasting effects on the body that can produce years of bad health.

What emotional baggage are you carrying? Do you realize that sadness, so called bad luck, regret, frustration, low self confidence, self pity and feeling held back are all emotions that can make you ill?

The body and mind must maintain the proper balance to help you achieve fulfillment and happiness. Stop and think about your current situation.  How is your emotional balance?

What do you need to change in your life? Start taking the steps now that will lead to a happy, positive and healthy life!

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