Essential Aromatherapy Ideas

by Karen Brooks on March 30, 2010

If you number among the legions of loyal aromatherapy fans who buy-up candles and sachets, resting content with your simple acquisitions, we very strongly recommend you expand your essential aromatherapy horizons. A whole universe of vivid, vibrant, vivifying, and all-around vital experiences awaits your eager exploration.

Put essential aromatherapy to work at work

In fact, join the ranks of successful women in businesses who count organic natural scent as their secret weapon in the guerilla war for corporate dominance. Of course, you must use your favorite scents as air freshener in your office or work area. The fragrance will keep you alert and motivated and it subtly but unmistakably marks your personal and social boundaries. Your signature office fragrance also helps you discern your allies and adversaries: colleagues comfortable with your scent generally will support your initiatives. Others who seem a little uncomfortable with the fragrance and its implications probably will not effuse praise of your best ideas – their loss.

If you carry a planner, spray a few pages with your favorite essential oils properly diluted to protect the parchment. Then, each time you open your planner to note another impossible assignment, you will trigger a surge of inspiration and bolster your resolve with a blast of all your favorite scents. Do the same with your notepads; and if you are feeling brave, bold, and assertive, try lacing your most controversial memos with a few drops of your most potent essential aromatherapy mix. Of course, make a habit of empowering yourself throughout each difficult and demanding day, frequently applying your signature fragrance to your wrists and behind your ears. You also may consider putting a few drops of your most spellbinding blend on your hairbrush, brushing your distinctive fragrance into your hair before challenging presentations or major meetings. Especially if you number among very few women climbing the ziggurat in your company, exploit aromatherapy’s power to imprint your style on all you do.

Use essential aromatherapy for everything domestic

Whether or not you regularly tune in to Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray, you can borrow a few of their greatest hits. Try a few nasal techniques for advancing your status as a domestic goddess and reigning household CEO. Always work a little in a little scent magic as you do laundry, adding lemon and chamomile to the final rinse, and making your own dryer sheets, sprinkling a few drops of that same lemon-chamomile mix on old socks or scraps of cloth diapers. Mix lavender and chamomile in pillow sprays, and keep all your bed linens and bath towels fresh with the same spray. Definitely invest in little diffusers for your bathrooms; and, while you shop, look at spectacular aromatherapy fountains-some small enough to fit on your desk or nightstand, and others big enough to become the focal point and conversation piece in your living room.

Adapt essential aromatherapy for all things active

Abandon wet wipes and give up that gnarly old towel you carry around the gym. Make your own special towels for a million “active life” purposes. When you extract or distill your own natural oils, save the hydrosols. Invest in a few inexpensive terrycloth “bar towels,” and soak them in your hydrosols; then, freeze them for later use. Pull out your essential aromatherapy towels for use as pick-me-ups during girls’ softball games, as all-purpose cleanse and refresh cloths when you workout or play tennis, as a totally invigorating washcloth after vigorous yard work or an aggressive round of cleaning the bathrooms. Also, think about soaking your favorite bandanna in your hydrosol mix and nicely chilling it in the refrigerator for a little while before you put it on for walking the dog or jogging around the park.

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