Forgiveness – The Greatest Gift

by Karen Brooks on March 8, 2012

All of us have been hurt at one time or another. Perhaps is has been by a stranger, friend, or even a family member. Was it a negative remark, mean look, or hurtful words that left you feeling bitter or resentful? It can be unintentional or intentional, the sting is still hurtful.

Did you realize that the simple act of forgiveness and preparing yourself in advance to forgive,  can help empower you to move forward without  pain or resentment?

Our body is energy. Learn how to control thoughts and energy frequencies to help you to forgive.

Essential oils can help you redirect your mind and energy frequencies, allowing forgiveness and healing to enter.

Feeling angry? Release Oil blend, rubbed over the liver, can help you release negative emotions before they overtake your thoughts and actions.

Want to avoid negativity? Rub White Angelica blend in the palms of your hands and apply to your shoulders and heart area. This can help shield your body, mind, and spirit from the negativity of others.

Stuck in an emotional hurt? A drop of Transformation Oil placed at the top of the head can help you release the negativity and empower you to move forward.

Want to forgive easily? A drop of Forgiveness Oil on the top of the head helps you to raise your frequency, allowing you to forgive easily.

Experiment with essential  oils and feel the power of natural remedies in your life. Embrace the power that you naturally have to forgive and transform your life!

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