Fresh Corn is Rich in Vitamin B and Much More!

by Karen Brooks on May 5, 2010


The first thing you need to know about corn is that it is extremely rich in Thiamin, which is Vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is an essential vitamin that is water-soluble. It helps you use your blood glucose for energy as well as your central nervous system health, heart functions, and your muscle. One cup of corn will give you about 25 percent of your daily allowance needed. I’d like to mention that Thiamin also plays a role in stronger memory.

The second B vitamin that corn is good for is B5. You need vitamin B5 is known as panthothenic acid. This B vitamin helps your carbohydrates so that they are used for energy, and red blood cell production as well as thiamin.

Folate is another water soluble vitamin on the list which is also found in fresh corn. Folate will help the body with red blood cell numbers, thus, avoiding anemia. Folate also plays a larger role in helping our amino acids essential to health. A daily one cup serving of fresh corn will provide you with 18 percent of your daily allowance.

Another great nutrient found in fresh corn is fiber. Fiber is most essential for roughage and establishes regularity. A cup of corn will provide you with 4 grams of fiber.

Phosphorus is also found in corn. You will get at least 15 percent of this mineral by a serving of corn. You need phosphorus because it is the mineral that is essential to bone health just as calcium is.

Manganese is also part of corn. Managanese is essential for digestion of the essential nutrients your body continually needs,plays a role in your bones staying healthy, helps the thyroid gland to function well, and glucose metabolism. A serving of fresh corn will give you at least 15 percent of manganese.

And last of all, there is plenty of vitamin C in corn. You will get about 16 percent of your daily C requirement from a serving of corn. Vitamin C does many great things to keep the immune system healthy and your collagen stored within your muscles to work for the good of your bones. Vitamin C is also good for protecting your body from free radicals. Free radicals are those compounds that cause damage to cells, allowing for the onset of cancer and heart diseases.

So in your diet, include fresh corn often. The health benefits received from this great food is worth it and tasty as well!


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