Great Natural Cures For Gout

by Karen Brooks on November 25, 2009

Definition– Gout is defined as chronic joint inflammation and swelling, caused by excessive uric acid forming crystals in bloodstream of the joint connections.

Post-menopausal woman as well as middle-aged men between age 40 and 50 years have greater tendency to suffer from the condition. Gout attacks are more common at midnight as well as in the early hours of the morning. Luckily, wonderful natural cures for gout are available.

– Gout symptoms include severe pain, tenderness and swelling in the knees, ankles, feet and toes. The big toe will be most affected by the condition.

– A balanced diet is absolutely essential for managing and treating the condition. A low purine, high protein diet should be followed, avoiding rich foods such as meats, sweetbreads, eggs, fish and gravies. Vegetables such as mushrooms, lentils, peas, beans and spinach should be avoided. Berry fruits are highly recommended as well as consumption of plenty water. Alcohol should be totally avoided especially red or white wine, beer and port.

– Gout is effectively prevented, managed and symptoms significantly reduced by regular exercise programme. Exercise is key to strengthening muscles, lubricating joints and reducing stiffness associated with gout. Please consult with your physician before initiating any exercise regime, to ensure that whatever exercise type you decide upon will suit you and the severity of your gout.

Detoxing– Detoxing is essential to flush out built-up toxins and acids in the bloodstream and liver that cause gout and kidney stones often associated with the condition.

Recommended foods– Rice, cereal, nuts, seeds and cheese are delicious foods that are highly recommended to add the balance required for your diet.

Natural remedies
– Natural remedies can take the form of dietary changes with the inclusion of gout relieving foods, herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Cherries either fresh or canned are wonderful treatment and ultimately a cure for the condition. Consumption of approximately 20 cherries a day should be sufficient. Bananas, apples and limes are all excellent gout treatments to be consumed twice daily.

Epsom and charcoal soaking- An Epsom salt or charcoal soak is an excellent natural cure for gout. About 500gm Epsom salt can be added to hot water for the patient to soak in two to three times per week.

If you decide on charcoal soak, ½ cup of charcoal powder should be whipped into a paste with a little warm water. Rub the paste onto affected area and pour warm water over the paste. Leave the area to soak for 30-60 minutes.


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