Green Tea – The Home Remedies

by Karen Brooks on July 25, 2009

In the present, even clinical researches back up some of the simple ailment medicines that most people have used in the past. For example, eating brown sugar is allegedly an effective way to ease or eliminate heartburn. Also, taking corn syrup was said to be good for those who experience nausea. But these blind remedies became certified and proven now. And among many remedies happen to be the green tea.

You may have known the tea to be just another type of tea available in the marketplace. But eventually, dieticians and nutrition experts say different. The tea is more than just another product of refreshment, because it actually is incorporated with so much medicinal benefits.

If you know someone with halitosis, or uncontrolled foul odor of the mouth, then you must know that they are recommended by oral experts to drink green tea. Fluoride as we know, play a very important role in fighting of bacteria and cavity presence in the mouth, and in strengthening the teeth and gums. Particular ingredients inside the tea are tested to have the same properties as that of fluoride.

Green tea is also being regarded as a miracle skin treatment. Either through direct application or through consumption, green can affect the over-all appearance and texture of the skin. In fact, a lot of dermatologists particularly recommend tea to fight off acne and eczema.

And as for the profound aspects of medicine, green tea has also been proven to be a great help. The compounds of green can boost the metabolism and strengthen the immune system, making the body a hard target for diseases and various ailments. As a matter of fact, these very same properties are what make green tea the best drink for people who are health and weight conscious.

You may have encountered them in various product advertisements, or though direct researching, but there are so many testimonials about the wonders of green tea that it’s hard just to be skeptical. Plus, it’s all-natural, so there’s no chemical side effects that can be acquired from average commercial drugs. With so many benefits, yet nearly no downside at all, wouldn’t you want to integrate green tea to your daily life?

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