Is Your Health Sinking?

by Karen Brooks on February 27, 2012

I read an article today about the sinking of the Titanic. Scientists are now saying that a series of small slits, not a large gash, was the cause of the worst disaster in maritime history.

Recently a team of international divers used sound waves to probe the wreckage which is buried in mud two and one half miles deep. They discovered the damage was small. Six narrow slits were across six watertight holds.

Basically four things sunk the Titanic.

1. They thought they were immune, and it couldn’t happen to them.
2. They were asleep at the wheel and failed to head the warnings.
3. It wasn’t one thing but a series of small things that brought them down.
4. The problem that destroyed them was hidden from sight.

Immediately my mind raced toward the general attitude we have on our health.

1. Do you consider yourself immune from any health issues? Chronic illness and debilitating disease happens to others, not me.

2. Our body is wonderfully made. It usually displays some symptoms letting us knows  that something is going wrong. Do you listen to what your body is telling you? Are you heading the warnings?

3.What about your lifestyle? Are you eating properly? Getting enough sleep? Watching your weight? Exercising?  It’s not one thing, but a series of smaller issues that start our health decline.

4.Typically, we can’t see those clogged arteries, that blood clot, or that tumor hidden in our bodies. Without major lifestyle changes these problems can destroy us!

So if you think that you are unsinkable, stop and re-evaluate your attitude on health. Is it time that you began a regime getting you back on course? Don’t let a series of small warnings lead to a major health meltdown.

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