Is It Inside Your Heart?

by Karen Brooks on February 7, 2013

Have you ever noticed that you start believing what you see and hear? In today’s world television, radio, and the Internet give us instant access news, views, and interesting stories. Depending on our interests, we search for people with like values. What if those we connect with, or relate to, don’t have positive thoughts?

When we hear something long enough, we start to believe it. The rationalization plays in our heads. It gets repeated over and over. Our subconscious mind starts hard wiring this as our belief. Before you realize it, you begin to act just like your peers.  No wonder why the use of anti depressants and mood altering drugs is at an all time high! Stress and illness’s manifest themselves daily. Your mind and body are reacting to your beliefs.

Imagine your life without negative and defeating thoughts. Quite thinking and saying, “I will never get out of debt”. ” I am depressed”. “My head is killing me.” “The economy is bad, and I can’t get a job.”

Start dwelling on the positive. Good breaks are in my future. I feel excited and energized to be here today. My health is improving and I am feeling better and better with each passing day.

Let positivity sink down into your heart. All day, declare blessing and favor in your life and in the lives of others. You were designed for happiness.  Start living the life you were destined to enjoy!

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