How To Use Healing Flower Essences

by Karen Brooks on October 18, 2010


Typically, flower essences are taken orally by means of putting two or three drops of the essence under the tongue. Basically, the usage of these can be completed three or four times daily for a period of one month or lunar cycle. On the other hand, when you take more than the advised number of drops, this will not make a difference.

To be able to amplify the effect of healing flower essences it truly is essential to take it more often. As an example, if you feel burned out, you may take the strongly suggested essence every five minutes, or even every minute, right up until you feel that it is not anymore needed.

You furthermore need to use your own judgment regarding the duration of the intake of the particular essence. Many practitioners intensely advise to take the essence for thirty days and then they are going to carry out a re-evaluation to ascertain if you still need that particular essence.

Healing flower essences aren’t only taken internally. It can be utilized externally through applying a couple of drops on “pulse points”, “chakra points”, or “acupuncture points” and embrace these vibrational energies while performing emotional or spiritual dowsing. It could be also utilized as a spray – you can combine an essence with water and put it in a mister bottle and spray it to oneself, in your bedroom and even in your business.

In the event that you want to give essences to kids then misting will be a very good way. Nonetheless, generally, flower essences are more effectual when consumed internally. Nonetheless there are some people that are very sensitive that basically carrying with them an essence bottle creates a lot of benefits. You can also pick essences which are available in handmade glass necklaces which can be obtained through special order.

For people who are very sensitive to alcohol and tend not to prefer to take brandy which is used to preserve most essences, they can use the essence externally, or they can simply pour drops of flower essences directly into their hot water, tea or any other hot refreshments. Alcohol will just evaporate in just a couple of minutes due to heat.

These are several ways on how to use these essences. Consuming these flowers essences will bring you a lot of benefits including helping you grow and accomplish your best potential not to mention attain holistic mind, body and spiritual recovery.

Do you want to attain holistic healing? Consider flower essences for genuine healing. These healing flower essences provide fast and deeper physical, mental, emotional and soul healing making you feel better than ever.

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