Inflammation Has Been Called the Secret Killer by Time Magazine, What’s the Truth?

by Karen Brooks on October 28, 2010

Normal inflammation is a powerful tool to heal and is beneficial.

Inflammation TIMEInflammation is defined as a localized protective reaction of tissue to irritation, injury, or infection, characterized by pain, redness, swelling, and sometimes loss of function. Whenever the human body is injured or attacked by bacteria or toxins, it will meet these attacks with one of its natures most powerful defense mechanisms – inflammation. This is normal.

The conditions that cause the body’s inflammatory response could be a number of things, such as cut in the skin or a muscle that is over strained. Or, the threat could be an attack from bacteria. Toxins in our environment also trigger inflammation. Situations in our daily lives that cause stress also will cause inflammation to come to your defense, bringing inflammation to parts of your body that needs repair.

Our diets if lacking in certain nutrients are also proven to start inflammation, this is our bodies trying to protect and heal themselves. This is normal, this is beneficial and a positive body function.

One of the inflammation triggers is even harder to prevent. The very air, water and food that our bodies need to survive have small amounts of toxins, pollutants, bacterias, viruses, and chemicals even in the carefullest setting. These elements expose our bodies to ever increasing amounts of toxins.

Again inflammation plays a powerful part in removing these elements from our systems, defending our bodies and helping us to be healthy.

Chronic inflammation can lead to worse problems With the many causes of inflammation, it is a possibility that there are areas in our bodies that have inflammation for an extended period of time. The problem increases when the inflammation continues over a very long period of time. Instead of just remedying the situation that caused the inflammation, it can keep remaining inflamed for a long period of time. This is chronic inflammation. There are several conditions that can cause your body to stay continually inflamed in a specific area, but the following three seem to be the most prevalent.

  1. Continuing constant stress, this keeps our bodies at a heightened state, wasting critical nutrients and hindering its ability to stop inflammation from becoming chronic.
  2. Continuing and chronic nutrient deficiency. Without the correct nutrients on a daily basis our bodies may not have the right ingredients to halt inflammation, allowing it to become chronic.
  3. Continued Toxin Attacks- in our world the body is constantly fighting off bacterial and chemical toxins. With so many elements attack our bodies often, many parts stay constantly inflamed trying to battle the onslaught of pollutants. This also contributes to chronic inflammation.

Time magazine in 2004 published an article which links this chronic inflammation to many health problems very prevalent in today’s world. This article states that “In other words, chronic inflammation may be the engine that drives many of the most feared illnesses of middle and old age.”

Read more:,9171,993419,00.html#ixzz145Rpk8zB

Chronic inflammation is dangerous!

But too much inflammation can lead to debilitating illnesses. Chronic inflammation has been linked to heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease and other major health issues.

When inflammation is your problem… Nopalea may be your solution!

Nopalea helps fight off harmful toxins surrounding your body’s cells. So, it helps your body reduce inflammation and bring optimal cellular health. When your cells are healthy and free of toxins, your whole body can function at its best.

Powerful betalain antioxidants

The active ingredients that make a difference in your body are called betalins. These betalains are powerful antioxidants that work with your body to reduce inflammation. The Nopal Cactus fruit has a total of 24 betalains. Betalains are found in certain vegetables and some desert fruits. The cactus fruit that Nopalea is made does contain all 24 betalains. This powerful inflammation reducing combination is only found in the Nopal Cactus of the Sonoran Desert.

These betalains work with your bodies systems to improve and support the structure of cells. They also work to neutralize many toxins by supporting your bodies natural detoxification processes as well helping to drain away toxins that have built up over time.

Powerful Anti-inflammatory Betalins

When daily stress creates tension, an injury damages a cell, or if the lack of nutrients weakens a cell, this can be the start of chronic inflammation. These powerful betalain anti oxidants work with your body, helping to reduce the causes of inflammation.

What this means is that people with many varied health maladies will discover relief with Nopalea. Thousands all ready are, why not join them?

Discover Nopalea’s Awesome Health Benefits

The formula in Nopalea combines the power of betalains from the Nopal Cactus with many other fruit juices to provide a tasty and effective solution to inflammation.

Take The Nopalea Wellness Challenge to:

  • Lower Inflammation
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