Is the US Government Getting It About Vitamin D?

by Karen Brooks on December 6, 2010

Getting Vitamin DRecently the Institute of Medicine reviewed over 1,000 published studies on Vitamin D and Calcium.  These two are essential in maintaining your bone health.

This prompted the US government panel to increase the recommended levels of Vitamin D for all age levels.  Here are the new recommended dosage levels:

  • Double Vitamin D intake for infants to 400 IU
  • Triple Vitamin D intake for those Age 1 to 50 to 600 IU
  • Double Vitamin D intake for those Age 51 to 70 to 600 IU
  • Increase 33% for those older than 71 to 800 IU

It has been said that the research demonstrates that these levels are very conservative for the average daily intake. It could be possibly as high as 2,000 IU per day.

In order to know specifically what you need, I suggest that you contact our health care professional to determine your own Vitamin D levels.

For additional information, visit the National Institutues of Health website at:

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