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Being in the business world and holding a full time corporate job taught me that you need to have a good coach and mentor to succeed in life and business! A coach is there to keep you motivated, and on track. They make you better at what you do and keeping you focused on where you want to go.

While knowing business principles, I was totally lost when it came to blogging and WordPress. So I sought out one of the best experts in the marketplace, Sandi Krakowski. Sandi walks the talk. She doesn’t give you theory. She has been there and continually works with the best masters of marketing and the internet.  By implementing and testing, she has developed sound principles that she teaches and I highly recommend her WordPress course. It is easy and concise, but don’t kid yourself, you have to do the work, just like I have.


Sandi Krakowski is a business woman and also a 20 yr homeschooling mom with a unique style of maintaining and managing life. On this session she’ll share the secrets of focus when life is not easy, how to keep your energy high and make happiness your goal. Shunning traditional methods of time management and life ‘control’ she is a breath of fresh air to all those who heard this private session. Learn from the masters ..

Click here for more on her WordPress Class for the Business Owner.


The Secret Millionaire Changed My Life!

Have you seen the TV program, Secret Millionaire? Perhaps you remember Dani Johnson. I continue to study under Dani, and my life has been transformed. She is best known as one of the worlds leading home based business coaches, but what she teaches is universal. It applies to all business and to people at all levels in their careers.

I attended a First Steps to Success and then followed it up with Creating a Dynasty. My business career, as well as my income literally doubled within one year of attending Creating a Dynasty.

Dani Speaks life, hope and encouragement into all of her attendees. Make sure that visit her website: www.danijohnson.com to see where she will be teaching. There is so much free information, and free weekly teleseminars that you can participate in. If you want your career or business to explode, follow Dani. Your life will change forever.

Dani Johnson – Homeless To Millions

Everyone has a unique life story to share – but initially, Dani Johnson’s looked to be made up of hardships and challenge. Growing up on welfare, she was pregnant at just 17 and homeless at 21. Life seemed like a closed book.

But that was hardly the end of Dani’s story.

Instead of accepting what life had scripted for her, Dani rewrote her own playbook, chapter by chapter – and by 23 she was a millionaire. In the years since, the tale has just gotten better: Today, Dani Johnson owns five companies, is a best-selling author and internationally desired speaker – and is passionately committed to her husband Hans and five children, and her journey with God. Just recently, Dani appeared as a guest star on ABC’s TV show “Secret Millionaire.”

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