Liquid Bone – Natural Way For Healing Broken Bones

by Karen Brooks on January 22, 2011

Breaking a bone can be debilitating. Beside the pain, there is usually discomfort and day to day inconvenience. What if I told you that there is promising research to mend broken bones almost instantaneously?

Laboratory Equipment magazine recently interviewed Thomas Webster from Brown University. His team developed a “liquid bone”.

Over time, new bone tissue grows as a result of an injection into the broken bone itself.  Natural growth factors are embedded in the material. The material was developed from DNA, a natural part of our bodies.

While reading the article, I was shocked to learn that if an elderly person broke their hip, they actually receive the same implant as that of a teenager. I would of thought that medicine was more advanced, and personalized according the age of the recipient. The new technology has the ability to mend your existing bone structure, keeping your existing bone structure in alignment with your body.

This new medical breakthrough is still in development. It must go through more testing and clinical trials, which can be a lengthy process.

Image the day that it becomes commercialized. What a great stride forward for patient care and recovery!

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