Manifesting Abundance with Essential Oils

by Karen Brooks on June 2, 2011

Manifesting abundance is the mantra taught worldwide. People from every nation seek to live a more happy, prosperous and fulfilled lifestyle.

My person journey with abundance started right after I graduated from high school. A friend invited me to a seminar where a man dispelled the myths that we were taught about money. Every day for at least six months, in would listen to the affirmations he taught while driving to work. I saw the world as an abundant place, that I was a part of, and attracted success and abundance into my life.

Success, money, and career advancement all fell into place, and my career took off like a rocket.

Years later, my thoughts toward abundance and the focus that I placed on
aligning my thoughts and intentions were pushed aside due to the stress’s of
daily life. Several months ago I realized it is my life, and I needed to realign

Have you stopped and evaluated your lifestyle?

In order to bring abundance in our lives, we must cleanse our body, clear our minds and look deep within to become aware of what is around us. If we are toxic and our minds are filled with negativity and unresolved emotions, it becomes difficult to connect to our spirit. I began the process of cleansing my thoughts, body and emotions to prepare me for once again, for accepting abundance.

In ancient times, mankind used various essential oils and blends to assist them in the cleansing process. I had been exposed to oils many times through out my life and remembered the profound and rapid effect they had on me. Being derived from plants, they are living and vibrate at some of the highest frequencies
known to help man. This explains why they are assimilated rapidly and directly into the bloodstream, sometimes in a matter of minutes, just like my experiences.

Here are some of the oils which I use and the background on each:

Frankincense is highly prized and used to treat every conceivable illness. It’s
anti bacterial and anti viral qualities cleanse and oxygenate the body.

Myrrh has compounds that effect the emotional center of the brain. It has is
used to enhance the feeling of spirituality.

The aromatic influence of spruce oil helps to release emotional blocks and brings a feeling of balance into our lives.

Cinnamon, orange, clove, ginger and patchouly oils are considered then oils of the wealthy. They were thought to have frequencies that attracted wealth and abundance.

Commercially tested, blended therapeutic grade oils, are available today from many manufacturers. When choosing oils, make sure they are therapeutic grade, made from the finest flowers and plants available. Many of these oils can be used topically or ingested for maximum benefits.

I personally have experienced the benefits of the “Abundance” blend oil by diffusing it into the atmosphere during an important business transaction.
Blends can be used as perfumes, and even added into common household cleaning
solutions and paints to become a permanent part of your home. Try scenting your
stationary, wallet and checkbook. Rub on your forehead, neck and bottoms of your
feet for therapeutic benefits.

An acquaintance of mine scents each of her business’s invoices and packing
lists. Her experience has been quick payments and an abundance of repeat orders!
At a recent meeting, I put a few drops of oils on my wrists, and people were
literally coming to me, and asking door my products!

Oils can be a powerful force. They can help align you on multi levels and
become the magnet that attracts abundance in your life! Have fun and experiment.
I would live to hear the ways that abundance comes into your life!

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