Do Monday’s Get You Down?

by Karen Brooks on April 9, 2012

Sometimes it is really hard to get going on a Monday morning, especially after a holiday weekend!

Have you ever given thought to what motivates you? What do you look forward to accomplishing or learning this week? We all get into a “rut” where life becomes the same, and it becomes easy and comfortable to conform. Are you tired of sitting on the sideline, or do want to experience the best that life has to offer?

The key is to get comfortable with change. Get in the habit of seeking new and meaningful challenges. Think about the reasons why you do what you do. What motivates you and keeps you going?

Immerse yourself totally in building and supporting those things that motivate you with all of your time, efforts and passions. Don’t just think about them, take action and put meaning into your life!

Life becomes predictable and boring unless we get involved and make commitments to a “higher” vision of what our life can look like.

Move forward. Stop observing on the sidelines and wishing your life away. Do whatever it takes to make your life’s dream a reality. Every moment counts. Build a life that is full of dreams, adventures and challenges. Shoot for the stars! Monday’s will never get you down if you make the decision to do something with today!

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