Natural Cures Help Keep Us Healthier

by Karen Brooks on August 5, 2009

Natural healing methods, now known as Alternative Medicine, have been around for centuries. Chinese herbal remedies have become known throughout the world for their healing abilities. Indian tribes have been known to use the barks from trees, plants, and seeds to heal their ailments. Even the Bible tells us of natural things we should use to promote good health.

That is not to say Traditional Medicine has no place in this world. The medical world has come a long way. Have you ever tried to perform brain surgery, or replace a limb or heart? Best to leave that to the trained professionals.

However, there are many natural remedies that can work wonders for our bodies and can help prevent many diseases. By learning how our bodies work we can greatly improve our health. Our bodies produce millions of new cells every day. By ridding ourselves of bad cells, and what’s causing them, we are well on our way to good health.

Many studies have shown that 70-90% of most illnesses, such as irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and many others, begin in the digestive tract. Doing a colon cleanse once or twice a year is a great way to rid our bodies of toxins that may have been in our bodies of years and have not been properly disposed of.

Drinking lots of water also helps to dilute unhealthy toxins and flush them out of our bodies.

Some illnesses are caused from a deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals. Taking a good vitamin with minerals every day can help replenish the source that may be lacking.

Many berries, such as blueberries and gooseberries, are filled with antioxidants that help promote healthy cells and help to heal the damaged cells in our bodies.

Taking fish oil every day helps to keep our arteries from clogging which help prevent heart attacks.

There are so many other natural remedies for: yeast infections, acne, and the list goes on and on.

When a plant has a bad leaf we pull it off. If our car breaks down or starts running badly, many other parts of the car will start to break down as well, until we get to the core of the problem. The same is true with our bodies.

We need to educate ourselves about our health and bodies. Just as we would not leave our children in the care of someone with a nothing more than a good reputation, (most of us would want to check the person out for ourselves), we should not leave our health soley in the hands of traditional medicine.

Cathy lives in Salt Lake City and is a freelance writer. She has studied lots of natural methods of healing to promote better health. She loves music, writing, sports, the outdoors, and helping others achieve their goals.

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