Lower Back Pain Can Change Your Life In An Instant

by Karen Brooks on January 20, 2011

There we were, my husband and I on a sunny Florida vacation for the holidays. Both of us were preparing for our annual Christmas Eve dinner for friends and family. We were doing the usual, cleaning, decorating and cooking.  A simple act of taking out the garbage changed our life in an instant.

A slight twist to my husbands lower back caused some minor lower back pain. No thing too severe, but just enough to know that it was there. This was not the first time that he experienced back pain. He wasn’t too worried. Last time it went away in a few days. Well, that was last time!

We managed to get through Christmas Eve. His back was sore, but we had a great get together with family and friends. Christmas Day was the life changer. The pain started to increase, still tolerable, but really slowed down even the most routine movements. By evening, he was flat on his back.

Ever try getting to a doctor on Christmas? Well, other than the emergency room, there were no options. What we needed was a chiropractor. The only relief we were able to get was with some pain medication, and it made the pain only tolerable.

Getting back home was a challenge. He could only take a few steps at a time. Luckily, we had no problems getting a wheelchair and porter to assist us at the airport. Staying in a seated position was torture for him. He was quite the brave trooper and managed over two hours without a complaint!

Getting him out of the seat was another issue! Three men had to lift him into the wheelchair. Finally made it home!!

We knew that a chiropractor was the answer.  Due to the holiday schedule this year, many business’s were closed on Monday, including doctor’s offices. The pain was almost unbearable, but with prayer, pain medication, and constant assistance, we made it through the day.

Finally Tuesday morning. I was able to get through to the chiropractor and had a late morning appointment. Long story short, within 1 hour, my husband was a new man! Back to his old self, he was able to walk out and get into the car without assistance. Bending and stretching weren’t a problem any longer.  The pain was gone. All that was left was some soreness.

We are into mid January, and with several follow-up treatments, he is 99.99% normal again. Lower back pain can be one of the worst traumas you experience. Take good precautions with strengthening your back muscles. Don’t lift too heavy of a load. Be aware of how you twist and turn your body.

Your health and body are important. Know your limits and give thanks for every day! Life is precious.

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Carol Giambri January 28, 2011 at 11:20 pm

We never realize the value of our body till a part breaks down. Glad hubby is on his way to 100% healing. I believe in chiros and do that for myself and also my lovely dog I brag about online. She is amazing just like our self healing body. Both are to be valued and not taken for granted for one second. Great post. Thanks.
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