Quick Travel Tips

Traveling can be stressful. You spend weeks planning, making sure that everything is perfect. A few nights before, you pack your suitcase and get all of your paperwork and reservations in order. At work, you make sure that you are caught up and have every last minute project completed. You are ready for that business or vacation trip!

Most of the time, you catch an early morning flight. Set that alarm, so that you have plenty of time to get to the airport and through the security lines. Finally, you board your plane.

Did you think that you could get travel stress or jet lag? This is becoming a common ailment for many travelers. Symptons of jet lag can include mental and physical exhaustion. You get a “foggy” feeling, and your appetite can change. Symptons of stress may occur, such as a headache, cold, and sleeping disturbances. Some of these symptons are from a weakened immune system, as well as airline travel.

Many airplanes recycle and recirculate up to 50% of the cabin air. This air is dry. It has a higher content of bacteria levels as well as carbon dioxide. No wonder you feel sleepy!

So what can you do to make yourself more comfortable and healthy?

Aromatherapy can be your best travel companion. Blend yourself a few oils, saturate a cotton ball or pad, and pack them in a plastic ziplock bag. It is great to pull out a swab and inhale while traveling. Here is a great blend that you can try:

4 parts of lavender essential oil

2 parts of lemon essential oil

1 part of rosemary essential oil

1 part of bergamot essential oil

Lavender and bergamot essential oils help reduce stress and regulate the body. Rosemary essential oil eases disorientation and stimulates the brain. Lemon essential oils are purifying and uplifting.

This little travel pack will keep for days if tightly sealed. It won’t interfere with airport security. The cost of preparing this is insignificant to the cost of over the counter medication or down time due to illness.

A little advanced thought and preparation will keep you in peak health for getting the most out of your business or vacation trip!

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