Social Media Exposes “PINK SLIME” Additive

by Karen Brooks on April 12, 2012

Have you heard about the pink slime additives to your ground beef?  It has been the topic of discussion for the past several weeks.  Social media has been one of the driving forces in getting pink slime removed from school and fast food ground beef.

So what exactly is pink slime?

When a cow is butchered, not everything is fit for human consumption, due to the elevated risk for E-coli. Most of these parts were used in dog food, as a dogs digestive system can handle it. But business found a way to make it fit for human consumption.

Fat can be separated from meat using a centrifuge. The meat is then salvaged with the use of ammonia to kill any remaining bacteria. It was considered by the USDA as a filler. No more than 15% of pink slime could be added to any ground meat.

Social Media Pressure

Many of the major fast food and grocery chains have stopped using pink slime, especially with the onslaught of bad press and social media pressure. A recent internet petition was launched that was able to collect over 200,00 0 names in 9 days, telling the USDA to stop using pink slime in school food.

Pressure was so intense that the manufactuer, LFTB, Beef Products announced it was shutting down three of its four plants, for 60 days, pending a public relations program designed to restore confidence in the product.

How can you tell if you are getting pink slime?

Check your labels! They must ready 100% Ground Chuck or Ground Beef.
Any USDA certified organic ground beef is not permitted to have fillers, so you should be safe eating it.

Know what you are eating!

I can’t stress enough the need to eat organic as well as grow and prepare as much of your food source as possible. Your health depends upon it.

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