Are You on Target?

by Karen Brooks on August 6, 2012

Half of the year is already over. Have you taken the time to stop and evaluate where you are in relation to the goals that you have set? Have you set any goals for the year? If not, it’s never too late to start.

Whenever you make a decision to start or change something in your life, the first thing that you need to do is accept yourself in the moment that you are right now. You may want to use several Young Living essential oils to help you stay focused.  Here are some of my personal favorites:

Valor – use on your shoulders and feet. This essential oil blend helps to provide courage and balance the body. Smells wonderful as well.

Joy –  place a drop over the heart. It helps with self love and restores the feeling of being loved.

White Angelica – place a drop or two in your hands and rub together. I rub the top of my head down to my shoulders and hold for a moment or two. This helps you feel strength and greater protection. Like your guardian angel is right beside you!

Start taking the time to work on you! Goals and life can be challenging. Make sure that you take care of you, so that you can be in a strengthened position to achieve your goals and  help others.


Does Money Equal Happiness?

by Karen Brooks on August 2, 2012

Many people think that success means making lots of money. Maybe you should rethink that notion.

Someone who has been a workaholic and now suffers with heart ailments or has died from a heart attack, did all that money make them happy? All of the latest ” toys” in the world are useless is you don’t have your health or the time to enjoy them. Many of these “toys” will tickle our fancy for a short period of time.

Have you thought about the quality of your relationships? Happiness comes from the emotions and experiences that you encounter daily. Ask yourself the following questions daily and I guarantee that you will become more successful:

Do you avoid unkind words and deeds?
Did you have a memorable moment?
Have you told someone that you love them today?
How well have you taken care of yourself today?
Have you thought about your plans for the future?
Do you live your life with integrity?
What have you done to help someone less fortunate?
What are you grateful for today?

The questions that you ask yourself today determine your focus. Focus determines results. Concentrate on what is really important to you.
All areas of your life will quickly align and success will follow you the rest of your life.


Life’s Choices

April 2, 2012

Are you experiencing challenges in your life?  What is your mindset? Positive or Negative? When times get rough, it is tough to remain positive, but the secret weapon of positivity may be your most powerful and effective defense. There have been many times in my life where I was knocked down both personally and in […]

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