Natural Health Medicine

by Karen Brooks on December 15, 2009



Natural health medicine is a ever growing business which more people are turning to for effective health treatments. Natural medicines cover virtually any type of sickness and medical condition you might suffer with. We pump our systems with so many chemicals from prescription drugs sometimes it can overload us which can lead to more medical problems down the line. With the price of prescription medicines sky-rocketing over the last decade it is literally impossible to afford the medicines you need.

There are some alternatives to over priced medicines and can be just as effective. Some of the natural health medicines include Devil’s Claw which helps those who suffer from chronic back pain by reducing inflammation, Red Yeast Rice which helps reduce the level of your cholesterol, St. John’s Wort which comes in pill or oil form and can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression, Propolis Powder can be used to help maintain a cleaner mouth, Milk Thistle can be used to help quit smoking (keep in mind results may very), Adaptogenic herbs which include ginseng, licorice, maca, holy basil, and goldenroot, which helps treat fatigue and give to long term energy and not just a quick burst. Phototherapy is one of the more interesting natural health medicines because it deals with ultraviolet light to treat diseases.

Not to suggest a conspiracy but it would seems as if more tests and studies were conducted in these natural health medicines it would take away from the prescription drug business, just something to think about. There are natural health medicines out there to be used to help treat your problems so taking the time to do addition research to see which is right for you is highly suggested.

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Fruit Fiesta

by Karen Brooks on November 5, 2009

Juices from real, fresh fruits are the healthiest ones. All other supposedly good juices are not as good as everyone says.

On the market you can very rarely see 100 percent natural juices. Most of them contain lots of sugar and other harmful substances. Not even to mention that these juices are imported from abroad and are additionally mixed with lots of water. When juices are left outside the refrigerator on high temperature, they lose the quality of vitamin C and amino acids they contain and the carbohydrates inside become very harmful for your body.

Nectar is a very artificial drink which is obtained from concentrate, sugar, water, and sometimes citric acid and vitamin C are added for good flavor.

Therefore: Try to eat if possible fruits from the list below. Buy the freshest fruits, get a juicer (liquidizer or a mixer) and drink as much as you want. Enjoy the great tastes of fresh and delicious fruits and live healthy.

Citrus juices

Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants. In addition to keep our body slim, the orange juice contains substances that could prevent us from getting stomach, mouth or throat caner.

Lemon juice contains a lot of minerals, vitamin C and lemon acid. You can squeeze the juice from half a lemon and mix it with half to one glass of hot water. It is extremely helpful for gastrointestinal disorders, kidney stones and impaired metabolism.

Grapefruit is the partner of lemons. According to many people it has a little better taste than lemons. However, it all depends on your own taste and whether you like bitterer fruits. The grapefruit is famous with its dietary and medical usefulness. It improves digestion, lowers blood pressure; it improves the normal functioning of the liver and restores strength. If you are one of the many people who have a high blood pressure or feel constantly tired, a fresh grapefruit juice is a great choice for you. Try to have a 1/4 cup of fresh grapefruit juice 20-30 minutes before every meal, and if you can?t sleep well at night, have half a glass before your go to bed.

Juices from berries

Strawberries contain sugar (up to 15%), vitamins C and group C, folic acid, carotene, tissue substances, pectin, cobalt, iron, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, lemon, apple and salicylic acid.

Fresh strawberry juice normalizes the metabolism, helps with cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal tract.

Fresh Raspberries contain sugars (9-10%), iron, copper, potassium, pectin, tissue and tanning substances, vitamins C, B1, B12, PP, folic acid and organic. The juice of raspberries is useful if you suffer from anemia, have kidney diseases and high blood pressure.

Blackcurrant is a very useful plant. It contains extremely high percentage of vitamin C and vitamin B. It also contains vitamins B1 and PP, carotene, potassium, iron, lemon, apple, and other organic acids, pectin, tan and sugar.

Blackcurrant juice helps if you have gastric ulcer, gastritis, impaired metabolism and anemia. A glass of fresh blueberries juice outweighs many other fruits. It contains all the possible vitamins you can think of. It is priceless also because it really helps people who suffer from gastritis with low acidity, kidney stones, problems with eyesight and skin.

Other juices

Apples contain vitamins C, B1, B2, D, E, carotene, and many potassium, iron, manganese, calcium, pectin, sugars and organic acids. Apple juice strengthens the cardiovascular system. If you suffer from obesity, you should make a mixture of the following juices: apple – 100 ml, melon- 50 ml, tomato – 5 m, and 25 ml lemon. Drinking this mixture would also help if you suffer from anemia.

Apricots contain 20-27% sugar, organic acids – salicylic, apple, lemon, carotene, vitamins C and V15. Apricots are rich on potassium and iron salt. This fruit helps with curing cardiovascular disease, kidneys and obesity. Juice of apricots is rich in phosphorus and magnesium, which are required for the active work of the brain. Apricots prolong your memory as well.

Fruit Fiesta is not just a fiesta, it is a big step ahead towards a healthier life.

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