healing broken bones

Does The Bible Hold The Secret to Cure Disease?

by Karen Brooks on March 2, 2011

The Bible is the best selling book in the history of mankind. It is said to be the blueprint for daily living, even though it was written over 2,000 years ago.

Those seeking knowledge refer to it. The Book Of Proverbs is for business. The
greatest love story is in the Book of Solomon. Financial wisdom and healings
abound from cover to cover. But what if…..it holds the secret to cure

Remember your Bible stories. The Three Wise Men brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the Christ child. The Queen of Sheba gave gifts of rare oils to Solomon. Countless passages refer to gifts of oil being exchanged. Why were oils highly prized? Is there something that we are missing or was lost throughout

There are 1,035 references to oils in the Bible. They were used for food, fuel,
flavorings, perfume, anointing and burial. Did you also realize oils played a
part in emotional releasing, mental clearing, physical healing, and the
prevention of disease?

In ancient times, healers were also priests. The priests used oils to anoint and
heal people of their disease. Passages in the Bible refer to the priests
anointing what is now known as the reflex points of the human body. Were they
trained in healing knowledge that has been lost?

In Mark 6:13, Jesus told the disciples to anoint the sick with oils and heal
them. What we have discovered today are six ways in which essential oils support the

1. They fight unfriendly microbes.
2. Balance body functions
3. Raise body frequencies. The human body is electrical energy.
4. Antioxidants in oils purify our system.
5. They clear negative emotional baggage.
6. They cause an uplifting of spiritual awareness.

Certain religious denominations utilize oils and incense in their rituals today.
They have carried on century old practices in cleansing and spiritual awareness.

Have we lost the ancient knowledge and replaced it with our modern medicine?
When is the last time that your doctor took a holistic approach to body, mind,
and spirit?

It is a known fact that essential oils raise your body frequency. When coupled
with speech and prayer, they magnify intent.

God is the source of all healing. Think about ancient priests who anointed and
prayed simultaneously. Jesus instructed us to speak the Word. Could this
combination be a clue to healing that has long been forgotten?

Everyone experiences aches and pains at one time or another. Try using
essential oils known to relieve pain symptoms along with spoken prayer. You may
be amazed at the power and relief you will experience.

Is it time that we go back and learn from our ancestors? Read and practice some
of the healing techniques and apply them to our everyday situations. The wisdom
of the Bible hasn’t been disproved. It may very well hold the key to curing all


Liquid Bone – Natural Way For Healing Broken Bones

by Karen Brooks on January 22, 2011

Breaking a bone can be debilitating. Beside the pain, there is usually discomfort and day to day inconvenience. What if I told you that there is promising research to mend broken bones almost instantaneously?

Laboratory Equipment magazine recently interviewed Thomas Webster from Brown University. His team developed a “liquid bone”.

Over time, new bone tissue grows as a result of an injection into the broken bone itself.  Natural growth factors are embedded in the material. The material was developed from DNA, a natural part of our bodies.

While reading the article, I was shocked to learn that if an elderly person broke their hip, they actually receive the same implant as that of a teenager. I would of thought that medicine was more advanced, and personalized according the age of the recipient. The new technology has the ability to mend your existing bone structure, keeping your existing bone structure in alignment with your body.

This new medical breakthrough is still in development. It must go through more testing and clinical trials, which can be a lengthy process.

Image the day that it becomes commercialized. What a great stride forward for patient care and recovery!