Natural Remedies for Constipation

by Karen Brooks on June 11, 2013

The television commercials are right – you do feel “out of sorts” when you’re constipated. And when well meaning friends ask what’s wrong, it’s just not something you want to talk about.

Yet you might be surprised to know that you aren’t alone with this problem. About one-third of American adults have constipation frequently. Constipation can be the result of insufficient fiber and water in your diet.

Lack of exercise also complicates this condition, as does some types of prescription medication. Even if you don’t feel like it at the moment, getting up and taking a walk is useful. In fact, walking at least thirty minutes is as good for colon function as it is protective for your heart. That’s like getting a bonus for the same amount of effort.

Drink at 6-8 glasses of water a day. Don’t just say you do – measure! Set aside a small pitcher or water container with that exact amount and don’t stop drinking until the last drop is gone.

It may seem like a lot, but if you space it over the day, it really isn’t. And no, sugary sodas and caffeine beverages are not a substitute for the water that your body needs to process waste products and remove toxins from your body.

Change your diet to colon friendly foods. Back in the day when people ate more fresh produce and worked hard in the field or factory, constipation was less of a problem. We eat too much of the wrong kind of foods and get too little of the right kind of exercise.

Both of those things need to change if you want to get rid of constipation. Eat more root vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber. That’s a big change from fast foods that tend to be loaded with flour, fat and sugar. You’d probably get more fiber by eating the wrapper than what you get from the fast food itself!

Regardless of how the constipation came about – and until you get on the right track for foods and exercise – you need relief now. Herbal remedies may be the best solution. Herbal laxatives work in one of two ways: to either add bulk or stimulate the bowels to eliminate.

As with any laxative, don’t overuse or use for too many days at a time. You can become dependent – even on herbal laxatives. Excess laxative use is treating the symptom, not the problem and can cause dehydration, potassium depletion and irritation of the muscles in the colon.

Add dried plums or prunes to your diet for their natural ability to promote healthy bowel movement. Black cherry juice may also have the same effect for some people. Dandelion root tea can bring ease to constipation as can eating marshmallows. These have substances that are soothing and lubricating to the colon.

Prevention is the best approach for constipation. Use a combination of these suggestions to get your body in better shape and you can throw the over the counter laxatives out with the trash!


Natural Herbs for Anxiety

by Karen Brooks on March 4, 2013

You can take natural herbs for anxiety instead of relying on synthetic medicine to treat your needs. The body has an incredible ability to heal itself and naturopathic medicine is treatment that taps into the body’s own healing system in order to cure ailments.

This is one of the reasons that the body responds to bacteria by spiking up the temperature. The resulting fever helps eradicate the bacteria. In relation to anxiety, herbs are used to calm and soothe the emotions.

One such herb used to soothe and calm is chamomile because it is a relaxant. It’s safe for long term use and carries health benefits, which is one of the reasons you can find chamomile tea on an aisle inside of most grocery stores.

Chamomile works by relaxing the muscles so the tension and stress you feel when anxiety hits is soothed away by this herb. Because it has sedative qualities, it can also be used to help battle the insomnia that is so often associated with stress.

St. John’s Wort is another one of the natural herbs for anxiety. This herb hails from Europe and is used to naturally treat insomnia, anxiety, feelings of jitteriness and depression. It has very mild side effects but most people don’t have any problems with any adverse affects.

When anxiety reaches a crescendo and the ability to handle it alone is no longer an option, some people head automatically to the nearest doctor who usually prescribes medicine to treat stress, depression and other symptoms associated with anxiety.

While it’s true that prescription drugs can and does help some patients, natural herbs are better tolerated by the body with fewer reactions and there are no problems with withdrawal even with long term use. Plus, many of the natural herbs used to help handle anxiety won’t cause stomach upset.

Using natural herbs rather than prescription drugs has the added benefit of not clouding the mind. Many prescription drugs used for anxiety can cause brain fog-a state of confusion or difficulty thinking or marked drowsiness.

Some prescription anxiety drugs also cause weight gain. Any time you can use natural products, it’s always better for your body. You do want to make sure, especially if you’ve never used natural herbs before, that you are under the care of a holistic provider.

Once you begin a regime of taking natural herbs for anxiety, you’ll feel better faster. You’ll be able to laugh again and learn to stay in the moment rather than fearing what tomorrow might bring.


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