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Is Organic Food Better?

by Karen Brooks on November 15, 2012

There is much debate on whether organic food is  better than conventionally purchased foods. One of the major objectives is the higher cost of organic vs. tradition grocery store purchases. Another point of contention is the organic food standards.

I can empathize on both sides. When I hear someone criticizing organic food, I cringe! Personally I consume as much organically grown as possible. I personally have seen some of the smaller organic family farms where it is raised. It means something to them to produce the finest, unadulterated products available. The majority of my purchases are from local farmers and smaller independent food stores.  It means something to me for the following reasons:

1. No harsh pesticides or fertilizers are used.

2. No genetically engineered seeds are planted. This is necessary for the USDA certified organic seal.  Outcomes of studies are being released regularly demonstrating the long term effects of GE modified grain and corn on animals. Are we kidding ourselves to think that is doesn’t effects humans as well?

3. No irradiation is performed on certified organic foods.

4. No sewage sludge is used for fertilizer.  Also referred to as biosolids, this sludge may contain heavy metals, lawn pesticides, various chemicals, gas, oil, etc. This does not go away when composting.

In my opinion, nothing beats the taste and nutritional  value of organic foods. When I eat organic, I feel full and satisfied. No more between meal snacks or looking for something else an hour or so after I eat.  I challenge you to give organic foods a try and tell me what you think!

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Natural Health Medicine

by Karen Brooks on December 15, 2009



Natural health medicine is a ever growing business which more people are turning to for effective health treatments. Natural medicines cover virtually any type of sickness and medical condition you might suffer with. We pump our systems with so many chemicals from prescription drugs sometimes it can overload us which can lead to more medical problems down the line. With the price of prescription medicines sky-rocketing over the last decade it is literally impossible to afford the medicines you need.

There are some alternatives to over priced medicines and can be just as effective. Some of the natural health medicines include Devil’s Claw which helps those who suffer from chronic back pain by reducing inflammation, Red Yeast Rice which helps reduce the level of your cholesterol, St. John’s Wort which comes in pill or oil form and can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression, Propolis Powder can be used to help maintain a cleaner mouth, Milk Thistle can be used to help quit smoking (keep in mind results may very), Adaptogenic herbs which include ginseng, licorice, maca, holy basil, and goldenroot, which helps treat fatigue and give to long term energy and not just a quick burst. Phototherapy is one of the more interesting natural health medicines because it deals with ultraviolet light to treat diseases.

Not to suggest a conspiracy but it would seems as if more tests and studies were conducted in these natural health medicines it would take away from the prescription drug business, just something to think about. There are natural health medicines out there to be used to help treat your problems so taking the time to do addition research to see which is right for you is highly suggested.

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How to Add Acai Antioxidants to Your Diet

September 5, 2009

There are many health reasons to add Acai antioxidants to your health routine. Stress, environmental pollution, chemical preservatives and chemicals used to produce our foods creates free radicals that are absorbed into our body. Taking Acai berries daily helps to remove free radicals, thus preventing disease. Free Radicals Free radicals are molecules that are missing […]

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Beating Cancer With Nutrition

May 1, 2009

These days, many people worry about getting cancer and wonder if there are any steps they can take to cut their risk of this terrible disease. As well as regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet can definitely play a part in off-setting the risks. Fruit and vegetables are extremely important anti-cancer foods […]

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