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Is Organic Food Better?

by Karen Brooks on November 15, 2012

There is much debate on whether organic food is  better than conventionally purchased foods. One of the major objectives is the higher cost of organic vs. tradition grocery store purchases. Another point of contention is the organic food standards.

I can empathize on both sides. When I hear someone criticizing organic food, I cringe! Personally I consume as much organically grown as possible. I personally have seen some of the smaller organic family farms where it is raised. It means something to them to produce the finest, unadulterated products available. The majority of my purchases are from local farmers and smaller independent food stores.  It means something to me for the following reasons:

1. No harsh pesticides or fertilizers are used.

2. No genetically engineered seeds are planted. This is necessary for the USDA certified organic seal.  Outcomes of studies are being released regularly demonstrating the long term effects of GE modified grain and corn on animals. Are we kidding ourselves to think that is doesn’t effects humans as well?

3. No irradiation is performed on certified organic foods.

4. No sewage sludge is used for fertilizer.  Also referred to as biosolids, this sludge may contain heavy metals, lawn pesticides, various chemicals, gas, oil, etc. This does not go away when composting.

In my opinion, nothing beats the taste and nutritional  value of organic foods. When I eat organic, I feel full and satisfied. No more between meal snacks or looking for something else an hour or so after I eat.  I challenge you to give organic foods a try and tell me what you think!

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A Balanced Healthy Diet Can Be Yummy Too

by Karen Brooks on May 25, 2010


Have you ever been in a diet program that puts you in a strict program that changed your eating habits altogether? For those who had gone through a weight loss program no doubt know that a balanced healthy diet is important in their struggle to lose weight.

Nowadays, eating healthy foods has become a lifestyle. It’s no longer just a part of weight loss program. It’s also for others who want a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods. Albeit many food companies and chefs have gone a great length to prepare tasty and healthy menus with balanced nutrition for your dining table, it is more satisfying to add personal touch in every menu.

Don’t worry! Here are a few attempts you may try to make your diet more enjoyable than the one you’ve seen in The Biggest Loser on TV.

Limit your consumption. The plain taste of a balanced healthy diet simply helps you to prevent over-consuming when you are not really hungry. Eventually, this leads you to less calories intake and reduces your fat accumulation. Researchers found that smaller portion suppress the consuming level simply because of the serving size.

Be healthy with healthy eating and be green by adding vegetables to your menu. So you are eating a balanced healthy diet.

Vegetables are definitely a must-have companionship in a balanced healthy diet. Not only they add nutritional values in your food, but the fibers in these greens also absorb the excessive fat stocked in your tissue.

Drink a lot of water. Water is the essential liquid in human body. You may survive a day or two without eating, but not without drinking. Especially when you’re having a weight loss program, the first couple of pounds you shed are actually water, not fat. So be sure to replace it daily.

Prepare supplements. Even though you have consumed a lot of healthy foods and beverages, that doesn’t mean you have everything that your body needs. Supplements can provide minor yet essential components that most of the times slipped out from your groceries list. They’re important for your body metabolism and they will be excreted in large amount in the form of sweat, urine, tears, and saliva.

Discharge junk food. Among all kinds of daily food, junk food is the most detrimental of all mainly because it contains much transfat which could cause severe long term damage to the body.

Regardless of the plain and mostly unpleasant taste, these healthy foods provide you sufficient nutrition that you’ll need for your daily activities. In addition, you also can consult a dietitian or food nutritionist to examine your diet plans so that it will optimally support your lifestyle.

As the quote said, “you are what you eat”. So be picky and stay healthy with a balanced healthy diet!

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