Are Women More Stressed Than Men?

by Karen Brooks on February 11, 2013

In years past, stress was considered a male problem. It was in the day where the man of the household was considered the primary provider. Things have really changed!

Women have emerged in the marketplace and are experiencing the stress of attempting to do it all and be everything to everyone. We have no time for ourselves, and we have learned never to say “no.”

Is this how life was supposed to be? We are designed to experience peace, whether male or female.  In the quest to get ahead in life, have we traded our peace and joy for materialism?

As I have stated in the past, “Stress Kills.” It slowly creeps into your life, builds momentum, and soon you start to experience physical and psychological effects on your body. Your relationships with loved ones start to deteriorate. The harder you try, the worse your situation becomes.

Here are two practical suggestions for de-stressing:

1. Allow yourself more time. 

Everything takes longer than you think. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself.  Having enough of time to complete a task reduces your anxiety levels. A good rule of thumb is to allow 20% more time than you think you will need.

2. Be content with less. 

Don’t live life beyond your means. All of those “toys” are fleeting. Popular today, and a relic tomorrow.  Big houses mean big bills and more work. It has been proven that those living beyond their means are prone to stress related diseases such as, high blood pressure, heart attacks and depression.  Instead of accumulating “things”, build memories with those that are important in your life.

Learn to keep your priorities straight. Enjoy where you are, on the way to where you are headed. It doesn’t make any difference whether you are male or female. Experience peace.

What have you done to experience peace in your life? I would love to hear from you.

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Are You Stressed by Technology?

by Karen Brooks on May 30, 2011

Ever feel like you are on a treadmill that won’t stop? Have you run out of
hours in a day, and can’t figure out where all of the time went?

Welcome to the age of technology. Remember how technology was suppose to make
our lives easier? Whatever happened to all of the spare leisure time that was
promised? Dreams of spending more time with loved ones, relaxation, and more vacation
time, are just a fairy tale in a land far away.

Do you find yourself working harder and getting less done? You are not alone.
The very tool that we were suppose to manage is now managing us. We have been
conditioned to stop whatever we are doing to answer the phone, or answer an
email. Just spending a minute looking up something on the Internet can take an
hour out of your day.

Is this making you happier or more productive? Are you on information overload?

Research has discovered that we lose our focus with constant interruptions. Our
ability to concentrate is lost. This effects our ability to perform complex
tasks and stifles our creativity.

Is your memory as good as it used to be? Guess what? We aren’t exercising our
brains to remember phone numbers or addresses, because technology takes care of

Recently, I was in a panic because I misplaced my smart phone. I felt completely
helpless and lost without the valuable information that it contained. My anxiety
levels grew and I was completely stressed until I finally found it!

I bet you have gotten better at multi-tasking. Texting, talking and driving at
the same time come to mind. Studies also indicate that our level of the stress
hormone cortisol rises when we do multiple tasks. Could this be the cause of
road rage?

Realizing my feelings of stress and the inability to get things done, I went on
a mission to find the answer. The solution is really quite simple, time

I started to make technology my slave!

Here are some tips that I have personally started to implement:

Use your cell phone reminders to schedule certain time periods for getting
things done.

Block out specific periods of time for each task you need to accomplish,
including email. What starts out to be a 5 minute email check quickly turns into
an hour! Set those boundaries and stick to them.

Use your smartphone or iPad to jot down notes and you really can find them. No
more bits of paper that you misplaced.

Use speech recognition software on your phone to verbally dictate notes or
reminders. It will automatically transcribe them.

Record your favorite TV show for viewing at a time convenient for you.

Listen to a podcast while driving to and from work.

Catch up on returning phone calls by using a speakerphone while commuting in
your car.

Consider using two computer monitors. It will increase your productivity.

If you are like me, I find myself racing through life without enjoying it. Stress can be managed. Start finding ways to eliminate it from your life today.

Start with one or two actions and make the, a habit. Start living the stress
free life you were meant to enjoy.