Tea – Ancient Medicine in a Modern Time

by Karen Brooks on January 29, 2011

Can An Ancient Medicine Be Practical in Modern Times?

Sometimes, going back to ancient times, proves to be a valuable clue to the health benefit of today’s popular foods and beverages.

One of our more popular beverages, tea, has been around for many centuries, with its roots centered in China and Asia. As the story goes, an emperor, who had a common headache, was presented with a cup of hot water that had turned brown from a leaf that was dropped into it. He was pleased with the taste, and the relief he received from his pain. From that point forward, tea was discovered.

The list of ancient remedies is endless. It included helping with depression like symptoms, eye sight, digestion, joint pain, energy enhancement, and inflammation. Tea also had spiritual implications. One would drink tea for the purpose of obtaining peace and serenity for the mind/body balance.

What our ancestors knew years ago, is being scientifically proven by modern research today. Studies have confirmed tea’s ability to fight inflammation and improve memory.

With all of the varieties of tea available today, experiment with several flavors and brands. There are endless blends of teas which can help with weight management, sleeplessness, energy, and calming, to name a few.

Discover what our ancestors knew, the medicinal value of tea.

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