The Medicinal Use of Moringa Oleifera

by Karen Brooks on October 13, 2010

Moringa Flower

Moringa Oleifera is popular all over the world. Its contribution in the field of medicine is the major reason why it was widely acclaimed as the “miracle plant.” All parts of Moringa Oleifera such as the bark, roots, flowers, drumsticks, and leaves are all very useful. There are many research conducted to reveal the essentials of each parts of malunggay.

Malunggay, also known as the moringa Oleifera is a tropical plant. It can withstand changes in the climate. It can tolerate drought and consistent rainfalls. Its tree is not a cold hardy but it can thrive in not so windy climate. It is massively cultivated in Asia, particularly the Philippines, where it originates. The plant can withstand neglects also. Once planted, it will find its way to grow and develop with more leaves. In the Philippines, majority of household backyards do have malunggay tree. It does not matter whether the owner is rich or poor. It is always a common saying for Cebuanos, “Mas mayo pa matumba ang balay, ayaw lang ang kamunggay” or It is okay to have the house fall or ruined but not the malunggay.

Malunggay is known for its wide use. Other than being a delicious edible plant, it is the answer for the poor on the skyrocketing prices of synthetic medicines. Synthetic has side-effects while taking the nature-given gifts for medication like the malunggay is free from it. It has no over dosage, as well. Here under are medicinal use of Moringa Oleifera or Malunggay:

The young leaves increase the flow of milk for lactating mothers. It helps in the production of ounces and ounces of high quality milk for infants. In return, the well nourished baby will grow healthy and strong. The calcium-rich nutrition that the malunggay can bring will develop strong bones.

The feeling of being constipated is uncomfortable. The malunggay leaves and fruits area good for relieving constipation. Mixing it as finishing additional to chicken or fish broth will make it taste good more than spinach.

For ulcers and sores, a decoction of malunggay roots will surely help. You can use it by washing the sores and ulcers with the decoction in warm water. On the other hand, the bark can be decocted can be used to relieve restlessness and promote excitement. The swelling and inflammation of flesh can be treated as poultice. The juice extracts can be used for otalgia. A decocted root is useful to be used as a gargle for hoarseness and sore throat.

Hypertensive patients may take the seeds of malunggay. It is good natural medicine also for asthma, hiccups and as diuretic. The seeds can be mashed into powdered forms or roasted and applied in affected areas where rheumatism occurred.

The roots of malunggay can be mixed with milk to cure asthma, hiccups, gout and lumbago.

For wounds and cuts, freshly pounded leaves mixed with coconut oil is the best cure. The flowers boiled with soy milk are believed to have an aphrodisiac quality. This is best for erectile dysfunctions.

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