The Mental Health Benefits of Running

by Karen Brooks on November 22, 2010

RunningIn addition to physical benefits such as loss of weight and improved health, running provides many mental benefits. This form of exercise not only reduces stress, it has been shown to relieve mild forms of depression. Runners frequently experience a period of euphoria referred to as a “runner’s high” that can improve their general outlook on life.

People who eat well and engage in regular exercise are usually happier than their non-healthy counterparts. Runners often feel more energy and creativity because they use running as their outlet for frustration and stress. There is plenty of time to think and come up with new ideas while engaging in a long run through the park.

Runners build confidence as they improve their stamina and reach their exercise goals. They set running targets and as they meet each, they have a sense of accomplishment. Surmounting each obstacle gives them an improved feeling of self-confidence. The new trim, muscular body that runners develop contributes to improving their self-image. The individual knows he or she will soon be turning heads all over town.

Engaging in running can also improve a person’s attitude because the activity releases endorphins. These cause a general sense of happiness and will sometimes lead to euphoria. Running is often prescribed by doctors to treat addictions and depression. Individuals who engage in a regular program of running have something to focus on other than the issues that are causing them to be depressed.

The mental health benefits of running include relieving stress and depression and providing a renewed sense of energy. Increased confidence and an improved self-image are other positive benefits of engaging in running. Runners learn how to be more focused and determined in order to reach their exercise goals. Achieving these milestones provides the runner with a sense of achievement and the motivation to reach the next objective.

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