The Right Kind of Fruits For Diabetics

by Karen Brooks on July 15, 2010

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A lot of questions are still present in the minds of people with regard to whether fruits are beneficial or harmful for diabetics. The main reason for this doubt is the presence of sugar in many fruits. A lot of people feel that diabetics should completely avoid food items which are sweet and which contain any small amount of sugar. When the energy levels of the person reduce drastically, he will need to eat some fruits which are sweet in order to restore the energy levels inside the body. All fruits contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber and also a large amount of phyto-chemicals which will help in maintaining the blood sugar levels inside the body.

There are certain fruits which need to be avoided by diabetics at all costs while there are certain fruits which should be made a compulsory part of their everyday diet. Nuts will help in maintaining the blood sugar levels in a stable manner at all times. When the blood sugar levels in the body increase abnormally then they can also affect some of the other parts of the body like the heart, eyes and kidneys. The fiber which can be found in nuts will ensure that the amount of fats absorbed by the body will not increase.

The fruits which can be definitely consumed by diabetics are guavas, red grapes, prunes, pomegranates and rose apples. The nuts and fruits which can be taken by diabetics can be consumed in small quantities at regular intervals. Fruits which contain large amounts of fiber should be consumed in wholesome quantities. People who would like to consume the fruits in the form of juices should grind them properly along with the skin and nuts and they should not add any kind of sugar to the juice. Fruits should not be consumed in isolation and they should be consumed along with vegetables which contain large amounts of fiber.

Apple – The apple contains large amounts of Vitamin B1 which will help in providing protection to the cells inside the brain. The pectin which is present in an apple will help in detoxifying the body completely and removing all the waste particles which are present inside the body.

Red Grape – The red grape is a citrus fruit which has proved to be most effective in reducing the levels of blood sugar inside the body. It is necessary for all diabetics to consume the grape fruit at least two to three times in a day for a period of two to three months in order to notice any kind of reduction in their blood sugar levels.

Guava and pomegranate – These two fruits contain the right amount of glucose which is required by the body. This also contains a large amount of fiber which can be incorporated into the diet of every diabetic.

Sweet bananas, black grapes, custard apples, dates, pineapples and mangoes are some of the fruits which should be strictly avoided by all diabetics. When fruits are being consumed in the form of juices, the addition of sugar will have to be avoided.

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