Are Women More Stressed Than Men?

by Karen Brooks on February 11, 2013

In years past, stress was considered a male problem. It was in the day where the man of the household was considered the primary provider. Things have really changed!

Women have emerged in the marketplace and are experiencing the stress of attempting to do it all and be everything to everyone. We have no time for ourselves, and we have learned never to say “no.”

Is this how life was supposed to be? We are designed to experience peace, whether male or female.  In the quest to get ahead in life, have we traded our peace and joy for materialism?

As I have stated in the past, “Stress Kills.” It slowly creeps into your life, builds momentum, and soon you start to experience physical and psychological effects on your body. Your relationships with loved ones start to deteriorate. The harder you try, the worse your situation becomes.

Here are two practical suggestions for de-stressing:

1. Allow yourself more time. 

Everything takes longer than you think. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself.  Having enough of time to complete a task reduces your anxiety levels. A good rule of thumb is to allow 20% more time than you think you will need.

2. Be content with less. 

Don’t live life beyond your means. All of those “toys” are fleeting. Popular today, and a relic tomorrow.  Big houses mean big bills and more work. It has been proven that those living beyond their means are prone to stress related diseases such as, high blood pressure, heart attacks and depression.  Instead of accumulating “things”, build memories with those that are important in your life.

Learn to keep your priorities straight. Enjoy where you are, on the way to where you are headed. It doesn’t make any difference whether you are male or female. Experience peace.

What have you done to experience peace in your life? I would love to hear from you.

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Barbara Becker February 19, 2013 at 8:13 pm

I loved this article you wrote about managing our stress. Since downsizing my environment, I feel more health and less stress. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Barbara Becker


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